Replenishing biodiversity at exponential speed.


Crowd Garden builds biodiversity protectorates in neighbourhoods around the world.

Whether you’re starting out solo, or have people to help, we can help you rewild, rebalance and restore haitats and ecosystems in your community.  

Find out what you’re missing

Watch a 90 second video on what to expect when you sign up to Crowd Garden… 

How it works

Growing trees is great, but growing an organisation which plants trees, is even better.

Find out how we’re using smart technologies to replenish biodiversity worldwide

What do we do?

Projects include: tree planting and urban micro-forests;  restoring natural habitats; urban beautification, green walls and vertical gardens; hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics; protecting endangered species; managing invasive species; growing public fruit and veggie patches; permaculture and regenerative agriculture; wildlife surveys; composting and soil restoration projects; litter picking and recycling; cleaning, restoring and revitalising waterways; and planting pollinator-friendly gardens, birdhouses, bee hives and insect hotels.

And Benefits

Join a tribe of people with a shared mission to protect the natural world
Grow herbs, fruit, veg, flowers, shrubs, hedges, trees, forests and micro-forests.
Revive and revitalise your neighbouhood
Share communal meals, group activities and connection events.
Meet new people, build friendships, relationships and connections
Boost your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
Wake up with a meaningful and purposeful mission.
Restore habitats, rebalance ecosystems and protect wildlife.

The Crowd

It is the explicit stated goal of each Crowd Garden to build a tight knit community in-which people are able to truly connect.
This can happen during gardening sessions, but sometimes when you’re digging a hole or at the top of a ladder, it’s not the best time to chat, so the tribe gathers for regular dinners, days out, pot-lucks, movie nights, presentations, collaborations and connection experiences. 

The Garden

With fork and spade in hand, our goal is to launch a smart, sophisticated and inexhaustible assault on extinction itself, actively seeking to redress the balance of our lost harmony and transform every disused, dull, decaying and dilapidated dead space into a vibrant technicolour galaxy of organic matter.

Creating something out of nothing. Beauty out of ugliness. Pulling meaning from the void and planting small corners of heaven, so many and multitudinous that we make possible the manifestation of a future in which Human beings and the Natural world co-exist, in a state of dynamic equilibrium.

Our Reviews

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Ease of setup

We’ve streamlined the process of setting up a new Crowd Garden club in your neighbourhood, by providing simple, step-by-step instructions which anyone can follow. 

Having said this, it’s not for environmental part-timers requiring some dedication and commitment. On average it takes 8.5 hours to complete. The reward once its done, is a fully functioning Crowd Garden club in your neighbourhood, and a life filled with an increasingly stable sense of community, purpose, passion and connection to the natural world. 


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